2022 - 04 - 20
Eventos Open Source
Gerardo Lisboa na Jortec 2022

ESOP was invited to participate in JorTec – Technological Days 2022, an annual event organized by the Students' Association of the Science and Technology College of the NOVA University Lisbon and promoted by independent committees and pedagogical centres.

The event had several lectures, workshops and various moments of sharing. It took place between the 17th and 25th of February, with the theme: “Digitization and its challenges”.

The chairman of the board of ESOP, Gerardo Lisboa, made a presentation on the 24th of February at the Computer Engineer session, with the theme ‘Open Source, an opportunity for the Economy, Digital Sovereignty and Employability’. Firstly Gerardo introduce ESOP, then explained the advantages of working with Open Source and how the participation in community is important for the evolution of the sector, but also alerting to one of the biggest technological challenges in Europe which is digital sovereignty.

Gerardo Lisboa presented the following basic themes that define what Open Source is today:

Technologies based on Open Source are the key to Digital Sovereignty and Autonomy: They put local people and companies first, investment in these technologies is reinvested in local resources, which thus become more digitally capable, with more and better knowledge, with direct implications for improving the economy of the regions in which they operate.

Open Source communities are also what allow for easier entry into these technologies, no matter what level of prior knowledge, there will always be someone available to help. Open Source communities are inclusive: origin, language, religion are not taken into account when what matters is working for a common good.

Finally, technologies based on Open Source are the ones that most easily open the door to job opportunities: it is no longer the worked CVs or the interviews that decide hiring, but the contributions made to the projects, whether in new code, corrections, translations or other work in the communities.

According to Gerardo Lisboa:

“Events organized by technology students are of particular importance to make future professionals aware of the importance of Open Source. Thank you for the excellent organization of this event.”

The ESOP thanks once again for the invitation and congratulates all the organizers for an excellent event.