ESOP is an organization that represents Portuguese companies that are dedicated to the development of software and which provide services based on Open Source technologies. We integrate a set of reference companies with proven experience in national and international projects.


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Apparently, the FCCN considers normal to install apps that does not control, on computers that are not its own, to access academic events that should be public. Secure access via browser is not recommended, nor is it properly referred in the FCCN Colibri support documentation.

ESOP warned of to the lack of freedom of choice, the impacts on citizens' computer security and the possible failure of the FCCN to comply with the Open Standards Law by allowing the Colibri platform, used in public academic events, to not explain how we can participate in these events without installing a proprietary application that has already had security problems

However, this possibility exists and for that ESOP prepared this tutorial that explains in three steps how to watch or participate in a Colibri event without installing the Zoom application.

ESOP Associate Meeting | December 2020

On December 10, ESOP held another Online Associates Meeting. This time with the aim of discusse the European Strategy for Open Source. The themes were presented by ESOP Vice-President Paulo Ribeiro, who started by presenting APELL and then the European Commission's Strategy for Open Source and the Berlin Declaration.

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ESOP is the first association to join the APELL founding members

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