ESOP and AGASOL reunion

ESOP and AGASOL reunion

2022- 10- 24

AGASOL is the Association of Galician Free Software Companies, an association that promotes the same principles as ESOP and with which ESOP throughout its history has exchanged some contacts.

The meeting was between Gerardo Lisboa, President of the ESOP Board, Carlos Rodriguez, President of AGASOL and Luis Marqués, Manager of AGASOL. It took place in the City of Tui, in Galicia on the 31st of August.

This meeting made it possible to better understand the current reality of the Open Source market in Galicia and to make known what is being developed in Portugal.

ESOP will continue to promote this type of initiatives in order to increase cooperation alliances and make known the work of our associates, promoting the growth of Open Source in Portugal.