ESOP has a new Board

ESOP has a new Board

2021- 05- 12

ESOP has new board members and reaffirms the importance of defending the vitality of the economy sustained in Open Source Information and Knowledge Technologies.

The new board is now chaired by Gerardo Lisboa, from the INFO-CARE, with the participation of Paulo Ribeiro, from LINKARE, António Bento from HOPLA SOFTWARE, Patricia Silva from CAIXA MÁGICA and Fernando Gomes from EUROTUX. Gustavo Homem, from ÂNGULO SÓLIDO remains at the head of the Advisory Board.

For the second time in ESOP's history, the General Assembly took place in a completely Open Source virtual environment, where all members were able to intervene in an open and participative discussion about the future of the Open Source Community and the new challenges of the decade. 


Sustainability of the Open Source Community in Portugal

  • encourage the sharing of knowledge and ideas of the Open Source culture;
  • contribute to the sustainability and future viability of Open Source projects and national initiatives;
  • streamline groups of technology users, expand the training offer to maintain and reinforce the work with national and international bodies;
  • contribute to updating legislation on open standards and interoperability;
  • collaborate in the transposition of legislation to the regional and municipal level;
  • participate in the discussion of European sector regulation directives;
  • disseminate programs to support the digital transition and economic recovery.