ESOP invites to participate in the Portuguese education market

ESOP invites to participate in the Portuguese education market

2022- 06- 23

ESOP was at an Open edX Marketing session and took the opportunity to invite everyone involved to participate in the Portuguese educational market, in order to combat proprietary dominance.

The Open edX platform is an e-Learning system (ILMS) with a partners network that did not yet have a presence in Portugal other than a partnership with FCCN.

This session was attended by many partners of the consortium. The Chairman of the Board, Gerardo Lisboa, presented the ESOP's dynamic actions and the potential of the Portuguese Open Source ICT market for the educational sector. This contact has already boosted the interest of some companies of the Open edX consortium to present their strategy for entering the national market and triggered, on the part of ESOP, a search and selection of technological partners and business opportunities to create a consistent offer for the education market in Portugal.

This initiative follows the effort that this direction has been making to promote the Portuguese Open Source ICT market in international markets, presenting ESOP and its associates as reference partners. To this end, it has multiplied contacts with the most varied entities (companies, public institutions, associations, communities, international organizations, etc.) international open source.

ESOP will continue to work to demonstrate to the community the opportunity that Open Source can represent for the most varied areas, with ESOP members being the most qualified to assist them in this process.