Good Governance Initiative v1.1

Good Governance Initiative v1.1

2022- 12- 12

OSPO Alliance and Good Governance Initiative participants recently released "Good Governance Initiative v1.1"

This project is developed by European Open Source organizations that present a methodology to implement Open Source policies and configure OSPOs in a secure way. To ensure the successful application of a strategy based on Open Source that seeks to protect the company from technical, legal and intellectual property threats and that maximizes the advantages of open source, the methodology proposes a comprehensive approach based on five objectives (Goals) and a series of tasks (Activities) describing what steps should be implemented to build a successful OSPO.

The first version of the GGI Manual was published on October 9, 2021. Update v1.1, published on November 8, 2022, includes:

  • Manual Updates v1.1
  • The my-ggi-board repository for quick and easy deployment
  • New translations (German, French and more to come)

ESOP is actively collaborating with OW2 and the Eclipse Foundation in the preparation of this best practice guide for technology management.

The Board of ESOP is accepting new members for the Working Group on Good Practices in IT Management in Portugal, where, among other activities, the adaptation of the "Good Governance Initiative" documentation to the Portuguese organizational reality and its translation is carried out.