Open Source Community with IoT and Big Data capabilities

Open Source Community with IoT and Big Data capabilities

2020- 01- 21

The onesait Platform, available on Github, is an Open Source community for programmers from all over the world that offers IoT and Big Data capabilities.

The platform is distributed under the Apache 2.0 license, accelerates the construction of digital processes, using integrated open source components and facilitates the development of classic management solutions, as well as their combination with the latest technologies such as Big Data, IoT and AI, favoring the independence of manufacturers, innovation and the creation of open ecosystems.

This platform has been active on GibHub for about a year, which stand out:

  • components that allow visualizing IoT elements using augmented reality techniques;
  • blockchain transaction verifiers to identify fraud;
  • collection and analysis of metrics and logs in real time;
  • consumption monitoring of Edge IoT devices;
  • utilities to allow data scientists to work with encrypted data;
  • an auto-machine learning module or the implementation of industry standard protocols, such as Open API 3, AMQP, which will be integrated into the platform to make it more powerful.