6 Outubro

Liferay Vision 2022

With B2B Digital Experiences continuing to play an increasingly crucial role in the long-term success of companies, it is essential that businesses work to improve their Customer Experience and stay seamlessly connected to the people and systems that give their organization its unique advantage.

Designed for both IT and Business audiences, Liferay Vision 2022 will navigate a selection of useful content on how to empower your users while reducing cost-to-serve, increase online revenue with B2B commerce, bring legacy systems together for a better experience, and boost your employees' productivity.

Our teams have joined together to bring you the latest on product and service offerings available.  We are excited to share what we have been working on over the past year, and to give you a look into what is to come. Our Customer Success Stories will also help you get a deeper understanding of how Liferay's solutions can help your organization thrive, with websites and portals for buyers, customers, partners, suppliers, employees, and more.

With sessions from Liferay leadership, industry specialists, and success stories from your peers, Liferay Vision’s agenda is designed to provide the insights you need as you look to set your 2023 strategy.


6 Outubro

Angular Day on Google Open Source Live

This month’s Google Open Source Live will showcase the State of Angular along with multiple sessions presented by Angular team members and the community. Join us to learn about Building Accessible Angular Apps, Simplifying Angular with Standalone Components, and Angular Reactive Forms.

Reasons why you should attend this virtual event LIVE:  

  • Selected questions will be answered by our speakers in real time! The Live Q&A Forum will be open during the event from 9:00 am to 10:34 am PST.
  • Join in on the after party fun, where you can participate in an exciting quiz, and hear from our emcees immediately following the event!

We look forward to seeing you all at Angular Day on Google Open Source Live!



7 Outubro

Drupal Day 2022

Organizado pela Associação Drupal Portugal o Drupal Day 2022 é o maior evento do ano da comunidade Drupal em Portugal.
O objetivo do evento é partilhar experiências e dar a conhecer uma das mais incríveis ferramentas de gestão de conteúdo open-source, usada por instituições e programadores em todo o mundo.
Preparamos sessões e workshops com alguns dos membros mais experientes da comunidade Drupal portuguesa para todos os que têm vontade e curiosidade de compreender e trabalhar com esta ferramenta.


11 Outubro a 12 Outubro

Europe Regional Meeting

The OGP Europe Regional Meeting will take place in Rome, Italy on October 11-12, hosted by the Government of Italy. The Europe Regional Meeting will bring together open government champions and stakeholders to energize our community, raise collective ambition, and generate new political support to make governments more transparent, accountable and responsive to citizens, and to address our current regional and global challenges. Key themes to be addressed in the agenda include anti-corruption, digital innovation, and democratic participation.


11 Outubro

18ª Conferência Anual da itSMF Portugal sobre ‘’Confiabilidade e Agilidade da Gestão de Serviços’’

A 18.ª edição da Conferência Anual do itSMF vai realizar-se a 11 de outubro na Lispolis, em Lisboa, em formato híbrido (presencial e online).

O tema deste ano é “Confiabilidade e Agilidade da Gestão de Serviços” – dois dos aspetos centrais nos modelos de negócio atualmente, principalmente depois da alteração de paradigma a que a pandemia nos obrigou.

Será que as empresas/organizações continuam a prestar serviços com a qualidade acordada? Estarão as preocupações com a cibersegurança devidamente asseguradas a cada transação com os stakeholders? E a que velocidade tudo isto acontece?


12 Outubro

Open Source Lisbon '22

In this 20th edition, we are finally back to the face-to-face event after two years of virtual experiences, and we've set up the Main Auditorium in Centro Cultural de Belém Lisbon to welcome you.

Great keynote speakers and big players on the market to share their vision about open source strategies, skills, software and business development, artificial intelligence, data technologies, open source transparency and mindset, community, diversity & inclusion, and many more.

The attendees will be able to join Main Stage Sessions, Tech Sessions, Exhibitors Area, and Lounge Area to hear about our partner's new solutions and for networking.


13 Outubro a 14 Outubro


EuroRust is a 2 day conference for the European Rust community. We cover all things Rust: from Rust patterns and idioms to systems programming and CLI tooling, servers WASM, and embedded systems. 


17 Outubro a 18 Outubro


IEEE Healthcom 2022 aims at bringing together interested parties (universities, research centers, industries and stakeholders) from around the world working in the healthcare field to exchange opinions, discuss brand-new ideas, developing innovative and emerging solutions, and establishing new collaborations.


18 Outubro a 19 Outubro


Join a vibrant, diverse community focused on building an unencumbered, first-class, 3D engine poised to revolutionize real-time 3D development across a variety of applications—from game development, metaverse, digital twin and AI, to automotive, healthcare, robotics and more.


20 Outubro

EU Datathon 2022

his year´s edition of the EU Datathon, the annual EU open data competition organised by the Publications Office of the European Union, promises to be particularly worthwhile. With 159 entries from 38 countries, the highest number so far in the EU Datathon’s history, we can expect an exciting final competition.

Join us for the finals! They will take place on 20 October 2022. Book your place to follow online, join in the discussions, and help choose the winner of the Public Choice Award. Only EU Datathon teams and speakers will be participating physically in Brussels.