23 Agosto a 24 Agosto

Community Leadership Conference Latin America

The Community Leadership Conference (CLC) is where community and business leaders interested in building empowered, productive, and diverse communities come together to discuss, collaborate and continue to refine the practice of community leadership at this event with world-class content and ample networking opportunities.


23 Agosto a 24 Agosto

CloudOpen Latin America

CloudOpen provides valuable content across cloud native and cloud infrastructure technologies. It is where cloud developers, engineers and operations teams can discover new tools, projects, platforms and technologies across cloud native and cloud infrastructure.


23 Agosto a 24 Agosto

ContainerCon Latin America

Containers are revolutionizing the way workloads are automated, deployed and scaled, and ContainerCon is where teams can learn more about why and how to adopt containerization to further automation, portability and efficiency. 


23 Agosto a 24 Agosto

Diversity Empowerment Summit Latin America

Diversity Empowerment Summit encourages attendees to examine how a variety of perspectives and experiences can create a richer open source community and stronger open source code development. It offers attendees the opportunity to share ideas, best practices and lessons learned on diversity & inclusion efforts, in an effort to continually improve the OSS community.


23 Agosto a 24 Agosto

Embedded IoT Summit Latin America

The Embedded IoT Summit is where system architects, firmware developers and software developers working on resource constrained embedded and IoT products can learn and collaborate for increased development velocity and maximum innovation.


23 Agosto a 24 Agosto

Emerging OS Forum Latin America

Focused on the future trends and emerging technologies touching the open source ecosystem, the Emerging OS Forum provides a place for the visionaries and innovators working on the OS projects and technologies of tomorrow to come together to share ideas and collaborate.  


23 Agosto a 24 Agosto

LinuxCon Latin America

LinuxCon is an event for maintainers, developers and project leads in the Linux community to gather for updates, education, collaboration, and problem-solving to further the Linux ecosystem.


23 Agosto a 24 Agosto

Open AI + Data Forum Latin America

This conference is for the open AI and Data community, and provides a forum to drive open source innovation in the AI, ML, DL, and Data domains by enabling collaboration and learning amongst the community. This event is produced by the LF AI + Data Foundation, and The Linux Foundation.


23 Agosto a 24 Agosto

Open Source On-Ramp Latin America

Open Source Fundamentals (Open Source On-Ramp) is the conference for developers that are new to open source. This event provides fundamental teaching in Linux, Cloud, and Embedded Administration and will help attendees gain the skills and understanding they need to further their careers.


23 Agosto a 24 Agosto

Open Source Summit Latin America

Open Source Summit, the premier event for open source developers, technologists and community leaders, is coming to Latin America. Join to collaborate, share information, solve problems and gain knowledge, furthering open source innovation and ensuring a sustainable open source ecosystem. It is the gathering place for open source code and community contributors.