25 Agosto a 26 Agosto


The R/Medicine conference and community promote the development and use of R based tools to improve clinical research and practice.

The R/Medicine Call for Proposals is now open until MONDAY, JUNE 27 at 11:59 PM EDT.


6 Setembro a 8 Setembro

DPDK Userspace Summit


6 Setembro

Community Week 2022

Internet heroes from around the world unite!

We’re excited to share that Community Week 2022 will take place on 6-7 September. It will bring together an entire community of Internet heroes worldwide. Internet Society members—individuals, organizations, chapters, special interest groups, and standing groups—will celebrate our collective work to build and protect the Internet.

2022 also marks the Internet Society’s 30th anniversary, an occasion to consider how we can ensure our great work continues and that the Internet is even more reliable, more resilient, and reaches more places 30 years from now.

Interested, but not an Internet Society member yet? Please join now! We look forward to having you as a member of our global community!


9 Setembro a 10 Setembro

IV Jornadas de Open Source

As IV Jornadas de Open Source decorrerão a 9 e 10 de setembro de 2022, no Instituto Politécnico de Bragança (IPB). Trata-se de uma organização conjunta entre as Delegações Norte e Centro da BAD e o IPB.

O crescente movimento internacional no desenvolvimento e promoção de sistemas em Open Source, a par de um aprimoramento de todo um contexto legal, leva-nos a constatar que, hoje em dia, o Open Source é, em larga escala, assumido como padrão no mercado para desenvolvimento de software.
A adoção por esta forma de criação de software tem trazido muitos frutos, não só para quem concebe e cria, mas também para a comunidade que, continuamente e de forma ativa, contribui para o desenvolvimento dos produtos adequados às suas necessidades e contextos.

Mais informações em https://eventos.bad.pt/event/iv-jornadas-de-open-source/

9 Setembro a 11 Setembro



12 Setembro a 14 Setembro

Hyperledger Global Forum


12 Setembro a 14 Setembro

KVM Forum

KVM Forum is an annual event that presents a rare opportunity for developers and users to meet, discuss the state of Linux virtualization technology, and plan for the challenges ahead. This highly technical conference unites the developers who drive KVM development and the users who depend on KVM as part of their offerings, or to power their data centers and clouds.


12 Setembro a 14 Setembro

Linux Plumbers Conference

The Linux Plumbers Conference is the premier event for developers working at all levels of the plumbing layer and beyond. Taking place on Monday 12th, Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th of September, this year we will be both in person and remote (hybrid).  However to minimize technical issues, we'd appreciate most of the content presenters being in-person.


13 Setembro a 16 Setembro

Open Source On-Ramp

Open Source Fundamentals (Open Source On-Ramp) is the conference for developers that are new to open source. This event provides fundamental teaching in Linux, Cloud, and Embedded Administration and will help attendees gain the skills and understanding they need to further their careers.


13 Setembro a 16 Setembro

OSPOCon Europe

OSPOCon is where those working in open source program offices in organizations that rely on open source technologies come together to learn and share best practices, experiences and tooling to overcome challenges they face. OSPOCon is presented by the TODO Group and The Linux Foundation.