Meeting of Open Source and Digital Preservation Communities

2022 - 11 - 17
Eventos Open Source

As part of the celebrations of the World Digital Preservation Day, ESOP organized a Meeting for Open Source and Digital Preservation Communities, at Casa do Lago, in Campo Grande, Lisbon.

In this way, on the 3rd of November at the end of the afternoon, several Open Source enthusiasts gathered to talk about various topics related to the theme, namely the need to create a National Strategy for Digital Preservation, on the mosaic platform (https://, on Information Management and the distinction of ICT management, community participation or even the CGTP archive.

Possible solutions were also sought to help small organizations (associations, collectives, private estates) in Digital Preservation and how Free Code Content Management and Digital Preservation tools could help.

ESOP considers these conversations very useful to promote good growth and awareness of the problem, but above all to promote Open Source, contextualizing its role and relevance in the area.

Stay tuned for upcoming ESOP initiatives and participate!


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