AdN4.0+: Increased service efficiency through process reengineering and dematerialization

AdN4.0+: Increased service efficiency through process reengineering and dematerialization

2021- 08- 24

Águas do Norte, SA has sought to increase its efficiency through the reengineering and dematerialization of processes, and for this reason it won the 2021 Opening Award, awarded by ESOP. This project called “AdN4.0+: Increasing the efficiency of services through the reengineering and dematerialization of processes” has been implemented since 2019, having completed its first phase this year.

Frederico Barros Lopes, Director of Information Systems and Technologies at Águas do Norte thanked the distinction awarded by ESOP:

"It is an honor for Águas do Norte to receive the 2021 Opening Award: to be recognized as an entity that stands out for its Digital Transformation strategy and for the use and adoption of Open Source technologies, and that contributes to its promotion, which is why it is also a source of enormous satisfaction".

The President of the ESOP Board, Gerardo Lisboa, congratulated Águas do Norte, SA for contributing to the digital transformation of Portugal, based on Open Source technologies, in his perspective:

“this is the example that more organizations should follow, the adoption of Open Source technologies is the path to a more technological, more independent and more transparent Portugal”.

The AdN4.0+ project was conceived to contribute to the national strategy of administrative modernization and digital transformation. This focus is on information and communication systems that ensure the systematic and secure recording of information, its accessibility and monitoring, obtaining data that support decision-making processes in real time, which promote efficiency in the services provided and which maximize transparency in the sharing of relevant information between Águas do Norte, SA and interested parties, have proved to be essential. Thus, Águas do Norte, SA, sought to update its management, information, communication and service systems, modernizing, reorganizing and computerizing its organizational management processes as well as customer service, promoting maximum efficiency and rigor, contributing for cost rationalization. This digital transformation of Águas do Norte, SA, was based on five major dimensions: Leadership, Omni-Experience, Information, Operating Model and Human Resources.

The project is in line with the structuring policies of the Government, creating conditions for Águas do Norte, SA to become a modern, innovative and competitive public service company, sharing these challenges and imperatives with the current situation of Public Administration.

In terms of technologies, several solutions based on Open Source technologies were implemented, such as the Corporate Communications Platform (with a Unified Communications Center, the Call Center software for your Communications Center and a Document and Process Management application) developed by IPBRICK.

Águas do Norte valued the mobility capability of this solution, which enables activities to be carried out outside the company's headquarters. The pandemic crisis of the new coronavirus confirmed the maturity level of this solution and allowed Águas do Norte, SA to adopt remote work for most of its employees, ensuring the continuity of services in a safe and effective manner.

The 'Prémio Abertura' Award is an annual distinction, awarded since 2009 by ESOP - Association of Portuguese Open Source Software Companies, to entities that stand out for the use and promotion of Open Source software and Open Technologies in Portugal. All nominees and winners from previous editions are available here.