ESOP joins Linux, Eclipse and OW2

ESOP joins Linux, Eclipse and OW2

2022- 06- 07

ESOP - Portuguese Open Source Business Alliance has been accepted as an associate member of the Linux Foundation, Eclipse Foundation and OW2 Association, the most important actors in the World Open Source Ecosystem.

Linux Foundation

Linux Foundation was founded in 2000, resulting from the merger of the Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) and the Free Standards Group (FSG). Is a non-profit organization that seeks to 'empower generations of open source innovators' by providing a neutral and trusted hub for programmers to work on open source projects.

It houses projects of primary importance for the Open Source ecosystem such as the Linux kernel, kubernetes, node.js, Let's Encrypt, HyperLedger, Jenkins, among many others. 

Of particular relevance to ESOP is the TODO project (Talk Openly, Develop Openly) where ideas and good practices in the development and management of Open Source projects are shared, and where ESOP participates in the translation into Portuguese of the contents of this group.

Eclipse Foundatio

The Eclipse Foundation was created in 2004 as a non-profit organization to act as steward of the Eclipse community, an independent, open and transparent community. To this end, it seeks to promote the adoption of Eclipse technology while promoting an enabling environment for successful open source projects. 

It is one of the most active and important organizations in the world of the Java programming language, with hundreds of Open Source projects, among which the Eclipse editor and development tool, Jakarta EE, Adoptium, OSGi, JKube, EclipseLink, Glassfish, GeoMesa, SMILA and many others. It houses several relevant Working Groups in the ICT universe, such as Eclipse Cloud Development, AsciiDoc, Edge Native and IoT and OpenHW, among others.

A Associação OW2
The OW2 Association was created in France, in 2002, at the confluence of several Open Source Business projects, having become a global organization in 2006, with representation on all continents. It is known for projects like Xwiki, ASM, Bonita, Lutece, OCS Inventory, Rocket.Chat, and many others.

Has several initiatives underway, including Good Governance, in which ESOP participates in its definition and translation into Portuguese.

Fundação Logos 4:3

Adherence to these organizations is extremely relevant in the world Open Source panorama and appears framed with the objectives of this ESOP direction of creating alliances with the Open Source communities. ESOP continues to assert itself as a fundamental element of Portugal's Open Source ecosystem, bridging the gap between the business sector and communities of creators and developers worldwide.

With these alliances, ESOP reinforces the support it offers to all Portuguese organizations that offer, or intend to offer, products and services based on technologies developed and supported by these institutions, as well as the communities of programmers and users, based in Portugal and in the CPLP countries.

ESOP invites all those interested in Information and Knowledge Technologies in Portugal and other CPLP countries to participate, for the promotion and development of the work of these organizations.