ESOP participates in event organized by the European Commission

ESOP participates in event organized by the European Commission

2019- 11- 20
Paulo Ribeiro em 'OS Beyond 2020'

On November 14th and 15th, ESOP was in Brussels at the "Open Source Beyond 2020 - Powering a Digital Europe" event, represented by the ESOP board Vice President and Linkare CEO, Paulo Ribeiro.

This event aimed to analyze the future of Open Source Software and Hardware, in a very ambitious agenda with several speakers, two of them ESOP Associated companies: Paulo Ribeiro (Linkare) and Raul Oliveira (IPBRICK).

Paulo Ribeiro integrated two panels, one dedicated to "Lowering the barriers for SMEs to provide their open source services to the public sector" and another to the "Support and operational threads of Open Source in public services". Where he presented,

"a proposal for a new legal framework for public procurement in IT, including topics like Open Standards, a model for TCO calculation and a change in the Intellectual Property (IP) practices inspired by the application of the principle “Public Money = Public Code” in the public sector>".

Furthermore, it proposed "a change in the way how most of the public sector looks to Open Source Software (OSS)", in which it promotes "moving from a user/consumer perspective to a real engagement with the OSS communities and projects".

Raul Oliveira participated in the “Knowledge transfer” panel where was discuss the importance of knowledge sharing, namely regarding to best practices in the development, protection, maintenance and supply of Open Source solutions, and some proposals to operationalize this sharing.

This shows the growing concern that the European Commission has assumed in the adoption and promotion of Open Source Software in Europe. At the first event organized by the European Commission exclusively dedicated to Open Source in Europe.

ESOP believes that this extraordinary event reflects the European Commission's commitment to the development and promotion of Open Source Software and its role in the development of Digital Europe.

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