ESOP presents Prémio Abertura Award trophy to Banco de Portugal

ESOP presents Prémio Abertura Award trophy to Banco de Portugal

2021- 07- 28
Menção Honrosa 2020

ESOP handed over the 2020 Prémio Abertura Award trophy to Banco de Portugal, which was awarded an Honorable Mention for the renovation of the statistics portal, with the implementation of a CI/CD solution and Containers orchestration based on Red Hat Openshift.

Unlike what happened in previous years, when the trophies were delivered at the event dedicated to Open Source with the presence of all the nominated entities, in 2020, but also in 2021, the delivery of trophies was carried out individually. In order to comply with all the recommendations of the DGS.

Banco de Portugal adopted a CI/CD and Container orchestration solution to support the Banco de Portugal Statistics Portal. The Statistics Portal solution was implemented using several Open Source technologies such as Python and Django. This portal can be consulted on any device with internet access. It allows consulting "over 300,000 statistical series on the Portuguese economy and the euro area economy, produced by Banco de Portugal and national and international statistical authorities, in accordance with the most demanding quality standards in terms of statistical dissemination". 

The implementation was in charge of Syone, who together with Red Hat created a portal with "simpler and more intuitive navigation, integrating statistical information, texts and infographics content for a better understanding of the published data".

The user can search, access and cross-reference statistical data, build graphics, export content and share information with other users. In addition, it also allows you to follow news, information on published statistics and access Banco de Portugal publications and analyses.

The BPstat is available in two languages: Portuguese and English.

This distinction for the use and dynamization of Open Source software and Open Technologies in Portugal has been awarded by ESOP since 2009, and you can meet all the nominees and winners of previous editions here.

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