1 February a 2 February

CloudNativeSecurityCon North America

CloudNativeSecurityCon is a two-day event designed to foster collaboration, discussion and knowledge sharing of developer first cloud native security practices.


2 February

Android Day 2023 on Google Open Source Live

Google Android experts will share updates on everything from the Linux Kernel in AOSP (GKI + ACK +ABI) to Extending the open-source KVM hypervisor for Android:

  • Matthias Männich - Software Engineer (Google):“The Linux Kernel in AOSP (GKI + ACK + ABI)”
  • Steve Moreland - Software Engineer (Google): “Crosvm”
  • Will Deacon - Software Engineer (Google): “Extending the open-source KVM hypervisor for Android”
  • Alistair Delva - Software Engineer (Google): “Cloud Android Update”


2 February a 4 February

2ª Conferência Internacional de Gestão da Informação e Arquivos (CIGIA)

Após a primeira edição ter tido lugar em Albergaria-a-Velha, em 2017, com a presença de cerca de 150 profissionais, vindos de vários países da Europa e da América do Sul, retomamos no próximo ano esta dinâmica de partilha de experiências entre profissionais vindos de diferentes proveniências.

Esta 2ª edição da CIGIA pretende continuar a constituir-se como um espaço de reunião dos especialistas da área da gestão da informação, alicerçado na partilha de saberes e no reforço das competências dos profissionais. Num contexto de rápidas mudanças institucionais, legislativas e tecnológicas, é este o momento dos profissionais refletirem sobre os principais desafios que o presente e o futuro lhes colocam, os diferentes papéis que desempenham nas instituições e de que forma se pretendem posicionar face à profissão e à sociedade em geral.


3 February

EU Open Source Policy Summit 2023

Join us on 3 February 2023 at the annual EU Open Source Policy Summit. This conference will happen both in person in Brussels and online. Next year's Summit's agenda will be packed with discussions on the most burning digital policy questions that will put open source in a broader European and global technological context.


4 February a 5 February


FOSDEM is a free event for software developers to meet, share ideas and collaborate.

Every year, thousands of developers of free and open source software from all over the world gather at the event in Brussels.


6 February

JFokus 2023

Monday 6 February is University Day with Deep dive half day talks and Hands-on labs in smaller groups. Tuesday 7 and Wednesday 8 February are Conference Days, with 6 parallels tracks, with focus on on Java, the JVM platform and open source technologies but also AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, Cloud, Web/HTML5, mobile platforms, Agile, NoSQL, DevOps and languages such as Javascript, Scala, Kotlin and many more. https://www.jfokus.se/

7 February a 8 February

State of Open Con 2023

The LF Europe and LF Energy teams will be at the State of Open Con 2023 (#SOOCON23) in London on 7-8 February. As the UK’s first open technology conference, it acts as a global launchpad for the future of open source software, open hardware, and open data and brings together stakeholders big and small.

The six themes of this year’s conference are: platform engineering; open source security; law, policy and government; open hardware; open data; and entrepreneurship. If this sounds interesting to you, come along and say hi at our LF Europe & LF Energy tables.


12 February a 16 February

MiniDebConf Lisbon

The bookworm soft freeze is scheduled for 12 February, so this mini-DebConf will be a good opportunity to bug-squash bookworm.

In addition, I love Free Software Day is on 14 February and may be a great outreach event, or at least a good excuse to have random fun.

The miniDebConf will have talks, hacking, workshops, but overall will be quite informal.The event will be in Portuguese and English.


14 February a 15 February

Linux Foundation Legal Summit

The Linux Foundation Legal Summit is a neutral legal forum where leading attorneys from companies leveraging open source solutions can work together to focus on and discuss issues of common interest and concern. Platinum, Gold and Silver members of The Linux Foundation are invited to send their legal counsel to the The Linux Foundation Legal Summit.


16 February

Academy Software Foundation (ASWF) Open Source Forum

The Academy Software Foundation (ASWF) Open Source Forum annual event gathers business and technical leaders to discuss the state of open source software across the motion picture and media industries.