Workshop 20 Fev 2020

The 2nd session of the ‘Open Source & Digital Transformation’ workshop cycle has the theme Data: Big Data, Open Data and Data Reuse and will take place on February 20, in the large auditorium of the National Civil Engineering Laboratory, in Lisbon.


The European Commission is conducting a survey to develop Guidelines for Building Sustainable OSS Communities in the Public Sector.


GitHub plataforma Onesait

The onesait Platform, available on Github, is an Open Source community for programmers from all over the world that offers IoT and Big Data capabilities.

Wildebeest, Liretrend laptop

ESOP Associate LIBRETREND recently launched a new notebook, the Wildebeest.

Open Source: a dynamic market fueled by digital transformation and innovation

ESOP contributed to the study "Open Source: a dynamic market fueled by digital transformation and innovation" in the European context, promoted by CNLL, ESOP Institutional partner.


ESOP intends to organize an event to promote the use of Open Source in Portuguese municipalities.

Eduardo Taborda em Odoo roadshow tour Leiria

ESOP was at the 'Digital Transformation & Open Source' event that took place under the Odoo Roadshow Tour in Leiria on 27th November.

CDU Deutschlands

On November 22nd and 23rd, the German party CDU organized its Congress where was adopted a resolution very relevant to the Digital ecosystem, especially to the Open Source ecosystem.


Paulo Ribeiro em 'OS Beyond 2020'

On November 14th and 15th, ESOP was in Brussels at the "Open Source Beyond 2020 - Powering a Digital Europe" event, represented by the ESOP board Vice President and Linkare CEO, Paulo Ribeiro.

ESOP at ANACOM Northern Monitoring Center Inauguration

ESOP, represented by the board member Fernando Gomes (from the associate Eurotux), attended the inauguration of ANACOM's new Northern Monitoring Center on 24 October in Porto.