Menção Honrosa 2021

The National Association of Computer Teachers (ANPRI) received an Honorable Mention of the 2021 Prémio Abertura Award for its Training Center.

selo prémio abertura 2021

ESOP presented the presentation of the 2021 Prémio Abertura Award, at the Open Source Lisbon event, which this year took place for the second consecutive year, in a virtual form, with the presentation of the President of the Board, Gerardo Lisboa.

ESOP has a new Board

ESOP has new board members and reaffirms the importance of defending the vitality of the economy sustained in Open Source Information and Knowledge Technologies.

foto de uma entrega do Prémio Abertura

Este ano o Prémio Abertura será entregue em Junho, durante o maior evento de Open Source em Portuga.

A submissão de candidaturas ao Prémio que visa distinguir as entidades que se destacaram na utilização e dinamização de software Open Source e das Tecnologias Abertas estão abertas.

How to attend a Colibri event without installing the Zoom application

ESOP warned of to the lack of freedom of choice, the impacts on citizens' computer security and the possible failure of the FCCN to comply with the Open Standards Law by allowing the Colibri platform, used in public academic events, to not explain how we can participate in these events without in

Video Call

Apparently, the FCCN considers normal to install apps that does not control, on computers that are not its own, to access academic events that should be public. Secure access via browser is not recommended, nor is it properly referred in the FCCN Colibri support documentation.

APELL logo

ESOP is the first association to join the APELL founding members

European Flag

On 8 December (2020), the ministers responsible for digital transformation of the 27 European Union (EU) states members signed the Berlin Declaration, in which they pledge to contribute to a more inclusive and participatory digital transformation of society.

Trofeu Prémio Abertura 2020

ESOP - Association of Portuguese Open Source Software Companies, on November 11th, presented the 2020 'Prémio Abertura' Award.

trophy of 'Prémio Abertura' Award

The three nominees for the 'Prémio Abertura' 2020 Award are already known.

This is an annual award given by ESOP to entities that have highlighted through the use and adoption of Open Source technologies, or that have contributed to its dissemination and dynamism in the last year.