Kohesio Plataform

In March, the European Commission launched an open source platform that allows users to access a database of EU-funded projects – Kohesio. On this platform, EU citizens can search and intuitively understand which projects have been implemented with EU cohesion policy funds.

office work

The European Commission has published an important decision for Open Source Software, 'concerning the licensing of open source software and the re-use of Commission software'.

Digital Public Good

The GNU Health project was recently declared a Digital Public Good by the Digital Public Goods Alliance (DPGA).

European Parliament, Strasbourg

The Strasbourg Declaration, of the conference of Ministers and Commissioners in charge of Digital Transformation and Public Service, places Open Source at the forefront of Transparency and Interoperability in Public Administrations.

Bandeira OMS

The World Health Organization is launching its Open Source Program Office, the first under the United Nations.


A ESOP está a promover um Encontro de Associados com congéneres suecos, a Open Source Sweden, num intercâmbio de ideias sobre o Open Source na Europa, na Suécia e em Portugal.


More proactive promotion of and investment in Open Source Software (OSS) at the level of the European Union and national governments would not only boost economic growth in Europe.

programadores no computador

The study on the impact of Open Source Software and Hardware for the European Commission found that open source software and hardware are key for the region's digital transformation and can be a major boost to the EU’s GDP.

EU Open Source Policy Community Meeting 2021

OpenForum Europe is organizing the 'EU Open Source Policy Community Meeting 2021', an online event on the 24th of September.

Mindtreck Logo

The Mindtrek International Conference is a technology centered conference organized from Tampere, Finland. It has several sessions, the next one will be on September 8th in online format, and will feature the contribution of ESOP.